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It's Just One Litter

You say, you want to just have one litter. What can it hurt you say, my friends are lining up for the puppies. Read on.....

This was written and posted on the AOL Bichons Board. Permission was granted by the author and she said.."Yes, you may use my story anywhere that it may help." here it is for you, with permission to cross post.

"I have wanted to share this story since before Christmas but it took me until now to sit down and write it. I learned a tough lesson through this experience, and more importantly became even more enlightened to all the "Angels" out there that sacrifice so much to rescue unwanted animals.

Some of you may remember my story, I have 2 Bichons, a boy, TJ and a girl, Annie. My Annie is so cute that I thought before I get her fixed it would be fun to have one litter. So last June I mated Annie with my sister's Bichon and on September 1st she gave birth to 1 girl and 2 boys.

From the beginning I had two friends that were planning on taking the pups, and one was going to my mom. I had no intentions of selling them for profit, all I wanted was for them to have loving homes. I kept the little pups until they turned 12 weeks old and hard as it was, I gave them to their new owners. Now keep in mind, they all left my home with a storage container filled with new toys, bones, collars and leashes, doggy beds and books on how to take care of Bichons and doggy toothbrushes. Oh, and they had all their shots and were chipped in case they got lost. I made it clear to all the new owners that if for any reason the new pups did not work out, they were to give them back to me. I never dreamed of what happened next.

Three days after they left, I got a call from the woman who got the little girl Molly. It seems that Molly was going through separation anxiety and would cry loudly whenever her new mom left the room. Since they lived in a Condo, they were receiving complaints about the crying and the management told her that the puppy had to go or she would be evicted. So she brought Molly back to me.

Three weeks after they left, I got a call from my other friend who said that she did not realize how much responsibility a dog was, and her and her husband had decided that," they are just not "dog" people" so she brought back Simon.

Connor the last little guy was going to stay with me until he was potty trained and then he was suppose to go to my mom. Do you know how hard it is to train 3 puppies at once?

So, after they were all back with me, I realized that there was no way I could let my pups go to people I did not know. After all, my friends that I trusted, who entered into being puppy parents with all the best intentions ended up giving them up. I could not bear the thought of my dogs ever ending up at the Humane society or even wandering the streets because people just decided that they didn't want them.

So this week my sister took Molly, (she now has 3 Bichons). My mom is taking Simon on Wednesday of next week (instead of Connor) and my husband and I are keeping Connor.

The moral of the story is, FIX YOUR PETS!! Don't do the "one litter" thing. Although I love all my Bichons more then anything, it has turned my life upside-down emotionally. It was an incredible experience, and my pups ended up being like my children. As hard as it was to let them go, it was even harder to have everything fall apart with their new homes.

I apologize to all you rescuers and foster parents out there, I have incredible respect for what you do every day to save all the unwanted homeless pets. I learned a tough lesson, but I will make it right by loving my pups and will take full responsibility for their lifetime love and care. (Annie has already been fixed!)

So if any of you out there are considering "just one litter" Don't do it. It is selfish. There are too many unwanted dogs out there that need homes, don't add to the problem!!

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